The curriculum has been designed to creatively prepare students to be ready for the later stages of their education while allowing them to cherish their childhood experiences. There is no formal examination for grades 1 to 3. The focus is on activity-based learning which kindles the spirit of exploration and helps to acquire sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and understanding of scientific concepts. Learning is enriched by a number of activities like nature walk, drama, story-telling, conversation, music, I.T., discussions and a wide range of artistic and hands-on activities.

Value Education

Children are taught to respect and appreciate all elders, parents, teachers, workers and the joint families.  Parents’ day, Grandparents’ day, Teachers’ Day, Home Helpers’ Day and School Helpers’ Day are all celebrated in school to give opportunities for the students to express their love, affection and gratitude to all of them.  Values like honesty, humility, modesty, kindness, sharing and caring are stressed upon at all times.

Counselling & Remedial classes

The school has a full time counsellor who meets all classes on a regular basis.  She also meets students and parents for private counselling on need basis. Remedial teachers will cater to students who require extra help to reach minimum expected levels.

School Bags and Home Work

The school takes conscious efforts to reduce the load in the school bags. The children will carry no books till Grade 3 and minimal books in other grades.

We believe in “No Home Work” upto Grade 3. The students of Grades 1 to 3 will just have a simple math work sheet every day.